Popular Mobile Search Engines

Here is a list of popular Mobile Search Engines currently in the market. Each of these engines either have an iOS or Android app. All of the stats on this article were obtained from Statcounter at the time this article was written.

Google :  Google has about 93% of the mobile search engine market. Web  App Store  Google Play

Yahoo : Yahoo has about 1.94% of this market. Web App Store Google Play

Baidu :  Baidu has 1.46%.  Web App Store Google Play

Bing :  Bing has 1.19%.  Web   Google Play

Shenma :  Shenma has 0.46%.

Yandex :  Yandex has 0.39%. Web  App Store  Google Play

DuckDuckGo :  Web  App Store  Google Play

StartPage :  Web  App Store  Google Play

Tagrax :  App Store

Qwant :  Web  App Store  Google Play

Ecosia :  Web  App Store  Google Play

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