Why you are not getting the best results on your search engine

Here is a break down of the different results categories on major Search engines. These categories play an important roles in getting you the best search results.

Google : 

Google has the most search results categories when you make a search query. They have All, Images, Videos, News, Maps, Shopping, Books, Flight, Finance and the Personal  category when you make a search query. Web  App Store  Google Play

Bing : 

Bing has the All, Images, Videos, Maps, News, and Shopping.  Web   Google Play

Yahoo :

Yahoo has the Web, Images, Videos,News, and Answers. Web  App Store  Google Play

DuckDuckGo : 

DuckDuckGo has the Web, Images, Videos,News, Meanings, Stock and Definition. Web  App Store  Google Play

Baidu : 

Baidu has the Web, News, Images, Videos, News, Meanings, Stock and Definition.  Web  App Store  Google Play

Ask.com : 

Ask.com has both Answers and Videos.Web

StartPage : 

StartPage has web, images and Videos.  Web  App Store  Google Play

Yandex :  Yandex has the Web, Images, Video and NewsWeb  App Store  Google Play

Tagrax : 

Tagrax has Recent, Popular, Web, News, Social, Shop, Media, and Apps.  App Store

Yippy: Yippy just has the Web.Web

Qwant :  

Qwant has Web, News, Social, Images and Videos.  Web  App Store  Google Play

Infospace : 

Infospace has Web, images, Videos and News.Web

Dogpile : 

Dogpile has Web, Images, Videos, News, and Shopping. Web

WebCrawler :  

WebCrawler has Web, Images, Videos and News. Web

Ecosia :  

Esosia has Web, Images, News, Videos and Maps,   Web  App Store  Google Play


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