Most Search Engines aren’t optimized for Mobile. Find out which ones to use for better mobile experience and their links to the iOS App store and Google Play store

Here is a list of Search Engines with Mobile apps either on the App store or Google Play

Google : 

Google is probably the best search engine in the market with a market share of about 90% or more. Google has been dominating the Search engine space for a while now. I love their mobile app (Search made just for mobile) . The home page, recommendation and search is great, but it still uses a webview to show search results which is not so mobile. Web  App Store  Google Play

Bing : 

Bing is the next leading search engine by market share with about 3-4%. I like bing because they have apis for developers to connect and use their search capability but I am a little disappointed that they do not have an iOS mobile app. I feel that if anyone wants to be dominate in the search engine space in the coming years, the mobile space is still very open to anyone vs trying to compete with google in the web space.  Web   Google Play

Yahoo :

Yahoo is powered Microsoft bing hence you get very similar results and site index as Bing. Their mobile app is just a wrapper of the website in a webview. Web  App Store  Google Play

DuckDuckGo : 

DuckDuckGo has an advantage over some of the other major search engines when it comes to privacy. DuckDuckGo boast of not tracking users. DuckDuckGo also claims to be serving more that 30 million searches per day. They currently do now have a standalone search app but they have a browser which uses the DuckDuckGo search engine. Web  App Store  Google Play

Baidu : 

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and you might know, the Chinese market is huge. I download and played around with their mobile app and it felt good and mobile friendly to use even though I didn’t understand what I was searching because it is in Chinese.  Web  App Store  Google Play :  Web

StartPage : 

StartPage is a search engine that focuses on users privacy. They claim to be the world’s most private search engine. Just like the search of the major search engines, the StartPage mobile app is just a wrapper of their website. Web  App Store  Google Play

Yandex :  Web  App Store  Google Play

Tagrax : 

Tagrax is a new search engine. Tagrax is able to tap into the search engines of search other mobile apps and search engine to provide mobile search results. They are one of the few search engines that have a mobile app with the full mobile user experience. They currently only have an iOS app but will be releasing their Android app in the new future.  App Store

Yippy: Web

Qwant :  

Ecosia is a European based search engine. Its the search engine that respects your privacy. They mobile app was made and optimized for mobile even though it is a webview wrapped into a mobile app.  Web  App Store  Google Play

Infospace :  Web

Dogpile :  Web

WebCrawler :  Web

WolframAlpha :  Web  App Store  Google Play

Ecosia :   Web  App Store  Google Play



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